About Publisher

Elie Abou Najem, a payoneer in arabic music production after a long career in that field, hold a business & marketing bachelor
degree, acquired as well a 10 years experience through working as a the marketing director for the sound & visual department in many companies
His name was present in the marketing and production in the music and movies fields and digital marketing in the mena region

He organized successful musical events & PR events, which lead to the success of many artists, singers and actors, due to his intelligence & his long years experience & his PR relations which propagated outside mena region to reach europe due of big contracts signed with the biggest international companies

He built his wide PR network due to his communications with high profile media leaders and big artists and producers and famous actors, and built a close friendship with many artists, which enriched his vision to master the music production and develop a bright future for the arabic music

Elie Abou Najem works on the enhancement of the Bitajarod Network, to be the supporting for the creative production, musical and cinematic in all mena region, as it involves in increasing awarness for the artists in all the world in a 10 years plan started with the official startup of the website www.bitajarod.com

Elie Abou Najem was present in the most important worldwide musical concerts as he is a member of the board in the Murex Awards Organizing Committee from more than 5 years

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